We want you to contact your MP directly to ask what they intend to do about our failed drug laws. Here’s why:

Email your MP and change the world

1. You can change the world

Speaking to your MP is the best way to exercise your democratic right – you can have your voice heard directly by your elected representative.

2. MPs have the power to improve the lives of families and communities in their constituency

To better protect young and vulnerable people and their families from the harms caused by our current approach to drugs, we urgently need to move beyond fear, discrimination and punishment, and towards drug laws that are centred around honesty, compassion and health.

Effective drug policy protects people

3. It’s our job to hold our representatives to account

Effective drug policy should improve public health, reduce crime, and most importantly, protect young and vulnerable people. When we are let down by current policy we must encourage our elected representatives to change the law.

4. MPs have the power to influence law

MPs represent our interests and concerns in the House of Commons. They can propose new laws as well as raising issues that matter to you in the House. When we meet with politicians they often say they can’t back change because the public don’t support them. We need to show them this simply isn’t true.

Drug policy reform
public opinion support reform

5. MPs are newly elected, they will be keen to hear from you

The time is right to show MPs that public opinion increasingly supports drug policy reform.

Convinced? We want you to contact your MP directly to ask what they intend to do about our failed drug laws. Regardless of whether you voted for them or not, it’s their job to represent and listen to all their constituents. Click the button below to for our template email, or write your own if you prefer.

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