Inspired by bereaved mother Anne-Marie Cockburn, MP says drug policy needs a radical re-thinkTomorrow at 11:30 am (GMT) there is a UK Parliamentary debate on Drugs Policy.

When: 11.30am Where: Main Chamber, House of Commons
What: General Debate on Drug Policy

Layla Moran, MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, will take local constituent Anne-Marie Cockburn’s tragic story of losing her 15 year old daughter to an ecstasy overdose to parliament today. MPs will meet to debate the new 2017 Drug Strategy.

Layla Moran said:

“ I have learnt about this issue through listening to my local constituents like Anne-Marie. We must stand up and speak out. How many more families like Anne-Marie’s must suffer needlessly? The government’s new strategy is more of the same failed approach. We need to challenge this and urgently re-think UK drug policy.”

Anne-Marie Cockburn, Martha’s Mum and member of Anyone’s Child:

“I invite the Prime Minister to come and stand by my daughter’s grave, and tell me her approach to drugs is working.”

Jane Slater – Project Manager of the Anyone’s Child Campaign:

“The new drug strategy won’t protect our communities. It is the same failed old recipe that has lead to record numbers of poor and vulnerable people dying for three years in a row. To protect the young and vulnerable, we need to legally regulate drugs to steer people towards safer products, while fully funding drug services for all who need them”

The new Drug Strategy was a massive disappointment and was not open to consultation.

Please email your MP asking them to attend the debate on drugs policy. We need as many MPs present as possible, and we need your help!

The debate was called at short notice and is of utmost priority to get drug policy reform on the agenda.

We rarely get an opportunity like this, so it is crucial that you urge your Member of Parliament to attend this debate.