How responsible regulation of coca has brought peace to Bolivian family

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Today world leaders are calling to legalise and regulate drugs in a groundbreaking new report. The report, “Regulation: The Responsible Control of Drugs” by the Global Commission on Drug Policy, includes, for the first time, testimonies of how real world regulation of previously illegal drugs is truly transforming lives for the better. "Legally producing coca leaf [...]

Coca: the lost war – An interview with Carlos Villalon

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We were delighted to speak to the award-winning photographer, Carlos Villalon, about his new book “COCA: the lost war”. Carlos has spent 16 years documenting the journey of coca in the Americas, from the sacred coca plant to cocaine, through the stories of individuals he met along the way. Embedding himself in the world of guerrilla [...]

Rose Humphries Addresses Conservative Party Conference 2016

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Speech for Anyone's Child fringe meeting at Conservatives Party Conference 2016   My name is Rose Humphries. I am a mother of two much-loved sons who both died from heroin. I want to tell you why I’m calling for legal regulation of drugs, through my sons’ stories. For half a century our laws have not [...]

People who use drugs are not bad people

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This blog is written by Hope Humphreys, one of the members of the Anyone's Child project. If I was asked to say just one thing about drugs, it would have to be that: people who use drugs are not bad people. Then I would repeat it, and say it even louder, really shout it out [...]

Jan’s story

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Jan is a new member of the Anyone's Child project. Read her story of how her family has been impacted by our current approach to drugs. If you too have been affected by similar issues, please get in touch and tell us your story.   I am Anyone. If Anyone Else had told me that [...]