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Anyone's Child is a network of families who have been negatively affected by our drug laws.

How I Became a Drug Policy Activist

By | August 27th, 2019|Uncategorized|

This blog was written by Transform Drug Policy Foundation volunteer, Sorcha, about how and why she became a drug policy activist. I started my journey at Cascade Creative Recovery, a community café run by people with substance misuse issues. Cascade provides a social network, safe space and creative courses to people in [...]

Why the latest drug-related death statistics matter

By | August 19th, 2019|Uncategorized|

This blog was written by Anyone's Child member, Raychel, following the release of the 2018 drug-related death statistics Today the Office of National Statistics (ONS) for drug related deaths across England and Wales were released. I couldn't sleep last night already anticipating the anger I was going to feel, the sadness that was going to [...]

Casualties of War – the Philippines

By | July 23rd, 2019|Uncategorized|

This blog was written by Niko Vorobyov,  a government-certified (convicted) drug dealer turned writer and author of the book Dopeworld, about the international drug trade. You can follow him @Lemmiwinks_III Three years ago, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared a so-called ‘war on drugs’. Since then, at least 6,600 people have officially been [...]

Reflections on the Thames Path Walk

By | July 17th, 2019|Uncategorized|

This blog was written by Anyone's Child member, Chris, who organised a 65 mile walk along the Thames Path as part of our week of action to end the drug war in June 2019. The families walked all the way to Westminster to lobby government on the need to legally regulate drugs. [...]

Brian’s story: why I speak on behalf of Anyone’s Child

By | July 15th, 2019|Uncategorized|

In June 2019, Anyone’s Child member, Brian, spoke at Maidenhead: Take Drugs Seriously, as part of our Week of Action to End the Drug War. You can read his powerful and inspiring speech here. As well as being a member of Anyone’s Child, I work in harm reduction with [...]

Families affected by the drug war lobby UK Parliament about the urgent need for change

By | July 11th, 2019|Uncategorized|

On 25 June we spoke up and told the UK government that enough is enough. We turned up to central London in record numbers to call on the government to legally regulate drugs. Action is needed now to save lives and create safer societies for all of our children.  [...]

Hope’s Submission to the Government’s Drug Policy Inquiry

By | May 30th, 2019|Uncategorized|

The government has recently launched an inquiry into drug policy in the UK. Anyone's Child family member Hope shares her written submission below: Health and harms Health harms from drug use could be minimised if all drug supply was brought under reasonable legal control and regulation. The UK’s illicit drugs policy has many [...]

A Week of Action to End the Drug War

By | May 15th, 2019|Uncategorized|

Join us this June for our week of action calling for an end to the drug war. Take a look below at the events we have planned and let us know which ones you'd like to get involved with by registering your interest here. London Drug Policy Activist Training 7th June [...]

Meet your MP: we owe it to the memory of our loved ones

By | May 9th, 2019|Uncategorized|

This blog was written by Anyone's Child member, Raychel. You can read her story here. “No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away” - Terry Pratchett In early 2018 I had arrived back in the UK after six months of living in Manila where the war on drugs [...]

Walk a Mile in Our Shoes

By | March 21st, 2019|Uncategorized|

Join us and help to spread the word as we walk the Thames Path all the way to Parliament to demand our MPs end the drug war.   When my son died in May 2016, alone on the other side of the world, trying to manage his opiate dependence, I felt like I died too. [...]