It seems hard to believe that it’s a full year today we launched the Anyone’s Child campaign with the help of our amazing group of families. Together, they took their first bold steps arm in arm along Downing Street to deliver a letter to David Cameron (my, how quickly things change!) calling for the legal regulation of drugs. Just twelve months later, this group of passionate people have made an impact in a surprising range of places, from the UN General Assembly, to the Mail on Sunday, the Telegraph and Closer Magazine. They have been breaking down barriers and starting conversations in their own personal and powerful ways.

Downing Street letter hand in


This remarkable group of people work together to support each other because there is no support available elsewhere for families suffering as a result of our current drug policy. There is nowhere to go for help with the stigma and discrimination experienced, and few policymakers offering real hope for change. You can see all their powerful stories on our website, with videos here.

At the UN General Assembly Special Session on drugs in April in New York, a member of the Anyone’s Child international group was mentioned personally in the Canadian Health Minister’s address as being influential in Canada’s innovative drug policy. This was Canadian Donna May (pictured below with our prohibition car), who is campaigning in memory of her daughter, and is now planning to run Anyone’s Child Canada. And the network continues to grow, with Kenya and Belgium expected soon.

donna-may-prohibition-car Cl48wMcXEAAoBis

Meanwhile, in the UK, Anyone’s Child has been speaking directly to the wider public, getting huge levels of exposure in magazines, newspapers and holding public events where people can meet each other and ask questions, get involved.

 Anyone's Child Oxford Event with Anne-Marie Cockburn and Neil Woods

Together the Anyone’s Child families will face the challenge of a new government here in the UK – what might be on the cards for families currently blighted by inhumane drug laws? At least, the media is taking notice in a new and positive way.

If you or anyone you know would like to learn more, take part in our campaign or get involved in any other way, please call us on 0117 3250295 or email

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