1607, 2018

If Ben knew what he was taking he would still be alive today

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This blog was written by Cara, a film maker and a member of Anyone’s Child Three years after her son died from an ecstasy related drug overdose, a grieving mother speaks [...]

1307, 2018

Three years on and change is happening

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This blog was written by Jane Slater, Anyone's Child campaign manager 14 July is our three year anniversary - here are some of the highlights from the past three years: [...]

507, 2018

“I felt energised and empowered” – Anyone’s Child lobby MPs to end the drug war

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This blog was written by our intern, Olly Last week, I had the pleasure of working for Transform as an intern. It was a fascinating time, the undoubted highlight of [...]

1806, 2018

Glimmer of light: Could Sajid Javid make a difference on drug policy?

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This blog by Rose Humphries was originally published by The first time I met the new home secretary was when he came to my house. Sajid Javid is our [...]

3105, 2018

The blog I wish I didn’t need to write

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Is there anybody else out there who has had a child criminalised or imprisoned for a drug offence and feels that it was cruel and unjust? Is there anyone who [...]

2905, 2018

Going hard on drugs is a disastrous mistake

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“Campaigners are tragically misguided in claiming that decriminalisation will solve anything,” wrote Melanie Phillips in a dangerously misleading article about the UK’s current approach to drugs. The article comes as [...]