Make your own ‘Forget-Me-Not’ flower today

Last year in the UK there were a staggering 4,265 deaths from drug overdose recorded: that’s the highest level in Europe.

To highlight the desperate need to change the UK’s drug laws, we need your help in making ‘Forget-Me-Not’ flowers to commemorate our loved ones. These flowers are a powerful visual reminder of the scale of suffering, and effectively call on those in power to reform our failed drug laws.

Get involved in 4 easy steps:

Step 2:

Make your flower using materials you already have in your home

Step 3:

Send us a photo of you and your flower, and we’ll add it to our online gallery:

Step 4:

Post us your flower too and when the lockdown ends we’ll tour them around the country to keep up the pressure on our politicians to make reform a reality.

Transform Drug Policy Foundation, 9-10 King Street, BS1 4EQ

People are still needlessly dying from our failing drug policies.

Make your ‘Forget-Me-Not’ flower today.

Thank you for your support and stay safe.