Taking the Anyone’s Child pledge is great – but we need you to go further, by contacting your MP directly to ask what they intend to do about our failed drug laws. Regardless of whether you voted for them or not, it’s their job to represent and listen to their constituents.

Click the button below to visit the UK parliament website, where you can find your MP’s email address. Once you’ve done that, you can copy and paste the template email we’ve produced here, or write your own if you prefer.

Find your MP

Dear < your MP’s name >

My name is < your name >, and I live in your constituency. I am writing to you because I am concerned about illegal drugs, and would like to ask you to do something for me.

We all want the same things from the way the UK deals with drugs, but at the top of almost everyone’s list will be keeping our young people and family members safe.

But as shown by the stories of people involved in a new project, Anyone’s Child: Families for Safer Drug Control, there is strong evidence that we are failing them – the way we manage drugs is causing more harm than the drugs themselves.

Please visit www.anyoneschild.org to see for yourself. These are the real-life impacts of the current approach to drugs – children having their life chances harmed by criminalisation, losing their parents, or even losing their lives. The families involved in this project believe it did not have to be that way.

So how can we – and you – be sure that we are really doing all we can to protect our families? Only by laying out the evidence on what we do now, and comparing it with alternatives to see if they might do better. And of course what that really means is fewer crimes, safer communities, and healthier happier lives for as many people as possible, children included.

The last government carried out a review of approaches taken in other countries – including decriminalising the possession of drugs for personal use, and some models of legal regulation – and that was a good start. The review showed there can be benefits from these approaches. It is now time to compare them with what we do here in the UK. But no review of that kind has been done in over forty years.

Will you please write to the Prime Minister on my behalf, asking him to initiate a comprehensive independent review of our approach to drugs, to ensure that we are doing all we can to keep our partners, parents and, above all, children as safe as they can be?

Because as it stands, we simply don’t know whether young people are being criminalised, physically or mentally harmed, or are even dying, unnecessarily – and that is surely unacceptable.

I look forward to hearing from you and to learning your views on this vital issue.

Yours sincerely,

< your name >